Here's a glimpse at what's occupying my time and energy at the moment. Be sure to click and learn more about each project and how you can get involved. I am open to collaboration!

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Campaign to Abolish Statute of Limitations on Rape 

Statutes of limitations on rape and sexual assaults are a predator’s best friend and a victim’s worst nightmare. An overwhelming amount of sexual violence -- an estimated 63% -- goes unreported and a pervasive rape culture is responsible. As we work to reduce the impact of social silencing mechanisms, we must dually eliminate laws that bar many sexual assault survivors from seeking the justice they deserve. 


Beautiful Trouble

Beautiful Trouble provides an ever-growing suite of strategic tools and trainings to inspire movements for a more just, healthy, & equitable world. We believe in people power and the game-changing role that creativity, humor, joy and mischief can play in this struggle. Beautiful Trouble is resource abundant for activists and academics and students alike. 

Everyone In 

Everyone Is a campaign focused on ending homelessness across Los Angeles County by providing critical services to those who need it most and helping transition people experiencing long-term homelessness with short-term and permanent housing solutions. 

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Mural Map LA

Los Angeles is home to the most creative and artistic people in the world. The unique and beautiful stories of the diverse lived experiences of LA are reflected on the walls and infrastructure all around. This map helps us see our surroundings more clearly to better understand each other, ourselves, and this incredible city we share.