Everyone In Advocates Training w/ Planned Parenthood Action League

"For me, the biggest takeaways is that homelessness, being such a large issue in LA, doesn't necessarily have to be overwhelming. There are many smaller steps we can all take that make a big impact towards the common goal." - Joe R., PPAL Santa Monica


As part of my work with the Everyone In campaign, I had the pleasure of delivering two workshops to Planned Parenthood Action League volunteers in Santa Monica and West Hollywood in the month of May. Over the course of these two Wednesday night workshops, a dozen activists were trained in the language and strategy of solving LA's Homelessness Crisis. We discussed myths, misconceptions, and solutions that will facilitate the development of supportive housing essential to the nearly 18K people that make up LA's chronically homeless population.

A huge thanks to Chelsea / Everyone In for last night’s discussion on the housing crisis in LA. It really opened our eyes to our own limited beliefs, and what we can do to change things in our communities. It begins with us being good neighbors and speaking out on behalf of those whose voices are ignored.
— Kelly Seal, Planned Parenthood Action League