Hollywood Handmaids debut at 75th Annual Golden Globes


On Sunday, the Hollywood Handmaids made their debut outside the GoldenGlobes in Beverly Hills. These women work at all levels of the film and entertainment industry and want to bring greater attention to the long list of workplace/cultural failings that have kept women abused, silenced, underpaid and underrepresented. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 10.16.30 AM.png

I serve as the spokesperson for this effort, coordinating and garnering press attention as these women made their demands known. We will continue to demonstrate in spaces where these issues must be raised, serving as a way for those marginalized and abused within the industry to voice their demands. We stand in solidarity with #TimesUp, #MeToo and all survivor-led movements working for a shift in power dynamics. 

Join us, or learn more information at https://handmaidcoalition.org/hollywood-handmaids and check out my blog post below for more media coverage and some of the best tweets from the day. 


Issa Rae saw us as she drove into the Globes and filmed us on her Instastory!